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Free Dynamic DNS Service - Signup Page

Lifetime DDNS at No Cost

Email Address:
Initial IPv4 Address: (optional, value will be auto-populated by the cron job)
Security Code:
Re-enter Code: (to check if you're a human or robot)

You will receive an email confirmation link to activate the above settings. Please use a valid email. Settings will not take effect until the confirmation link is followed. We dont use passwords or user accounts, all settings are done and confirmed via email confirmations.

Why does this site look like it was designed in 1996? Because the 90's were great! DNS does not need to be flashy, this platform was built for scalability and security.

How long will this service last?

Forever. Seriously though, in an effort to clean things up over time, records are deleted after 2 years of inactivity. Inactivity is not updating your record via the crob job and URL GET request.


Contact for any issues you may be having. Please reference your DDNS sub-domain and confirmation code if you have it.


If you wish to de-activate your sub-domain and cancel the service, please click here to access the removal request page.

What is DDNS or Dynamic DNS?

DDNS stands for Dynamic DNS. Standard DNS maps a hostname to a static IP address. When using Dynamic DNS, the hostname is being mapped to an ever changing Dynamic IP address, one that is most likely being supplied via DHCP and changes without notice, which is common in Home WAN networks where your ISP assigns address over the WAN link via DHCP only, or charges a lot of money for a static IP. Some ISPs now dont even support static IPs for a fee, Verizon FiOS no longer offers static IP for residential accounts.

Why would I use DDNS Services?

The most common scenario is Home users who want to run a web or VPN server, or simply just be able to RDP into their home PC while they are away or at work. Because your Home WAN IP is constantly changing, DDNS services allow you to pick a single hostname which is automatically synced to your changing IP. So when at work, you can always RDP into that hostname regardless if your ISP changed your WAN IP overnight.